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Ayodhya, a city steeped in cultural and historical significance, is set to witness an innovative leap in its tourism infrastructure. Known for its deep-rooted association with Hindu mythology, particularly as the birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya has always been a focal point for pilgrims and history enthusiasts. Its rich tapestry of religious and historical sites makes it a compelling destination for travelers seeking a blend of devotion and heritage.

Launch of a Multifaceted Tourism-Centric Mobile App:-

Home Stay and Eco-Friendly Transport: The app provides options for comfortable home stays and pollution-free electronic cars and buses, enhancing the tourist experience while preserving the city’s environment.
Easy Access to Local Attractions: It offers online booking for golf carts, hop-on hop-off vehicles, and wheelchairs, simplifying travel around Ayodhya’s many attractions.
Trained Tourist Guides: The app facilitates the online booking of local, certified tourist guides, ensuring an informative and enriching visit.
3D Map Services: An innovative feature of the app is its 3D map service, capable of showcasing the infrastructural evolution of Ayodhya over time.
Parking and Online Booking: The app includes features for finding nearby parking and reserving parking slots online, adding convenience for visitors traveling by personal vehicles.

The Ayodhya Development Authority has developed this app, aimed at offering a comprehensive platform for various services and facilities to enhance the pilgrimage and tourism experience in Ayodhya.

 Multilingual Support and Virtual Tour Options:-

Language Accessibility: Information on the app will be available in 22 languages, making it user-friendly for a diverse range of pilgrims and tourists.
Virtual Tours: Additionally, the app provides virtual tours of temples and historical sites in Ayodhya, allowing users to experience the city remotely.

Integration with the City’s Command Center:-

Integrated Monitoring: Future plans include integrating the app with the city’s control and command center, enabling efficient monitoring and maintenance of cleanliness and other activities in Ayodhya.
Additional Features: The app will also facilitate bookings for cruises on the Saryu River, musical fountains, light and sound shows, and the sale of local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Enhancing Ayodhya’s Global Tourism Appeal:-

The launch of this mobile application by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is a significant step towards establishing Ayodhya as a global tourism hub. The government’s vision is to cater to the growing number of national and international visitors, providing them with a seamless and enriching experience. This initiative is expected to boost Ayodhya’s tourism significantly, making it a model city for cultural and spiritual tourism.


With the launch of this comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application, Ayodhya is set to redefine the pilgrimage and tourism experience. By blending traditional values with modern technology, the city is poised to welcome visitors from across the globe, offering them a journey through its historic lanes, spiritual ambiance, and a glimpse into its promising future. For more information and to experience the magic of Ayodhya, visit [Ayodhya Tourism Official Website] (


This article provides an overview of the new mobile app launched for Ayodhya, highlighting its features and benefits for tourists and pilgrims. The development reflects Ayodhya’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience through technology, ensuring a blend of convenience, cultural richness, and historical exploration.

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