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Pran Pratishtha: Outsiders will not be allowed to enter Ayodhya from January 20:-

Police administration appealed to Ayodhya residents not to leave on the 21st and 22nd of January.

Ayodhya. Due to the Pran Pratistha ceremony, outsiders will not be able to enter Ramnagari from January 20 onwards. People living inside Ayodhya Dham and the city will be allowed to reach their homes. For this, they will have to show their identity card. The police administration has appealed to the people living inside Ayodhya Dham not to leave on 21 and 22 January. Ayodhya Dham will remain in a high-security zone from 20 to 22 January. All the borders of Ramnagari will remain sealed. There are preparations to not allow outside vehicles inside Ayodhya Dham from January 20. These vehicles will be stopped at Udaya intersection, Saket petrol pump, Naya Ghat, and other entry points. Only those living inside Ayodhya Dham will be allowed to reach their homes. People coming to Ayodhya Cantt area from other areas of the district will not be stopped within the city. They will be able to reach their destination in the city by following the diversion plan issued by the administration.

Inspector General of Police Ayodhya Praveen Kumar said that only local people will be allowed to enter Ayodhya Dham from January 20. Apart from diversion, people will be able to travel on other routes in Faizabad city. A diversion plan will be shared. The residents of Ayodhya are in the role of host. There is an appeal to them to cooperate so that the guests do not face any problems. Do not leave the house on 21st and 22nd January.

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