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Ram Mandir: Fragrance will spread over a 50 km area for one and a half months, this 108 feet long incense stick is reaching Ayodhyadham:-

108-foot-long incense sticks are being taken from Gujarat to Ayodhyadham. In Agra, devotees visited the procession and offered flowers. It will spread fragrance in 50 km area for one and a half months.

Ram temple is being built in Ayodhyadham, Uttar Pradesh. Shri Ramlala’s life is to be consecrated on 22nd January. There is joy across the country regarding this. Devotees from every corner of the country are reaching the temple with gifts. In this series, a 108-foot-long incense stick is being taken to Ayodhya from Vadodara in Gujarat.

The procession of incense sticks reached Bharatpur in Rajasthan on Monday morning. Via here it reached Fatehpur Sikri of Agra. Here Ram devotees offered garlands of flowers after seeing the incense sticks. On this occasion, the entire area echoed with the chants of Jai Shri Ram. Dhoop Batti Ki Yatra entered the limits of Fatehpur Sikri at 12 noon. Devotees blessed themselves by having darshan here.

Let us tell you that a 108 feet long incense stick weighing 3610 kg is being taken from Gujarat for the consecration ceremony of Ram temple. Entered Uttar Pradesh via Bharatpur in Rajasthan on Monday. Where people welcomed the incense sticks by showering flowers. Also chanted praises of Shri Ram.

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Ready in six months:-

The incense stick has been manufactured in Vadodara, Gujarat. It took six months to make it. Its weight is 3610 kg. Length is 108 feet. Its width is about three and a half feet. It is being told that many types of herbs have been added to it. Which will burn for about one and a half months. It will spread its fragrance in an area of 50 kilometers.

Gujarat resident Bihabharbad, who manufactures incense sticks, said that the consecration of Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya is to be held on January 22. This incense burner has been constructed to offer this. Many types of herbs including desi cow dung, desi cow ghee, and incense material are used in preparing it. When this incense stick is used, it will burn for about one and a half months. It will eliminate negative energy by spreading its fragrance in an area of 50 kilometers.